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Birk Crag Centre Virtual Balloon Race

Birk Crag Centre Virtual Balloon Race

Back by popular demand! Join in the fun with the Birk Crag Centre virtual balloon race 2022 starting on 1st March!

To buy your balloon visit

A virtual balloon race is a 100% eco-friendly simulation. Everything about the race is real except the balloon, so no birds or animals are harmed during the race!

All you have to do is:

  • Buy a virtual balloon – Virtual balloons cost £3. You can buy as many as you like! The more you buy, the more you increase your chance of winning and supporting the Birk Crag Centre!
  • Track your virtual balloon over the 8 day race period- LIVE! The race starts on 1st March, and finishes on International Women’s Day 8th March!
  • The winning virtual balloon is the one which has flown the furthest.
  • Prizes for the top 3 winning balloons!

Free entry is also available by post and information on how to enter can be found on the website.

Thank you for supporting us!

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