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Orla’s Great Swim

Orla’s Great Swim

The Birk Crag centre is close to so many people’s heart including a young member from 28th Harrogate Guides who has decide to enter Great Swim in Windermere. Orla McPartland is hoping to raise lots for the Birk Crag Centre project, please help if you can:

This is Orla’s story:

” I joined Rainbows when I was 5 and went for my first camp at the old Birk Crag centre.  I have also been there many times as a Brownie and a Guides.  It is a very special place where I have had some great adventures.  I want to help support the new building which will not only be a place for girls to enjoy loads of things but is also a fantastic place where the public can go.  It will become an amazing community focused building and I hope to spend time there when I become a Young Leader.

Please give as much, or as little, as you can.  Everyone can benefit, from the girls going there, the local community, and even those who contribute will feel that they are part of a great project.  Thank you.

Orla x”

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