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Massive Thank You to The Banks Group

Massive Thank You to The Banks Group

We are very grateful to The Banks Group Community Fund for awarding us a £4,200 grant which takes us one step further to opening our doors to all our members and the local community.  This grant will enable work to be completed on two new refreshment areas.

Lewis Stokes, Community Relations Manager at The Banks Group said:  ‘This is a landmark project for an organisation that reaches right across the local community and we’re very pleased to be helping them get ever closer to their final target.’

Deborah Wynn, chair of the Friends of Birk Crag and project volunteer, commented: “The new Centre is going to be a great place for both guides from across the district and local people to come together again, with the aim that it will become a hub for everyone in our community.

“As part of opening up the first part of the building, we’re going to need somewhere for visitors to make refreshments for themselves, and the funding we’ve received from the Banks Group has allowed us to get these facilities in place in plenty of time.”

The Birk Crag Centre will offer a hub for activities, events and residential stays. With help from local businesses and individuals we are moving closer to opening the doors!

We plan on hosting an open day soon to showcase our amazing building and the progress we have made so far.

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