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Ripon Division Sponsored Walk

Ripon Division Sponsored Walk

Look at them go!

A massive congratulations to Ripon Division on the first night of their sponsored cable drum push walk on Tuesday 20th June !!!  Thank you to everyone who came and supported the cable drum push, to all our members of all sections who pushed, pulled, helped and made this event possible – thank you.  The weather was very hot on the first night and instead of holding their regular meetings members came along to raise funds for the re-building of Birk Crag Centre.  Not only on one evening – but lots more members came along on the second evening, again very hot and swopping their meetings to push the empty cable drum around the route.  We are delighted to say that the cable has been used to almost complete the 1st fix of electrics in Birk Crag Centre, Harrogate, with the 2nd fix now underway.  Thank you to all our members, friends, donors and to everyone who supported this event.

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